St Joseph's

Catholic Primary School

'Go shine in the world.'

Staff voice

  • I liked using Google Classroom as I could check their work live so that meant I was able to correct any misconceptions straight away. Zoom also worked well as I could screen share, e.g. PowerPoints and videos, which made the learning much more interactive.
  • The structure of the day was similar to school so helped the children with routines and attendance.

  • The timetable being consistent gave the children really clear structure which I feel helped them during an unsettling time.

  • The PDM about small steps in Maths helped to facilitate meaningful lessons - children remembered more and felt more supported. It was so useful to have that training which improved my practice.

  • I had nearly 100% attendance most days which was a huge success of the remote learning. This was due to the commitment of the leadership team and teachers to swiftly follow up with any students who were absent.

  • During this time, we were able to improve the students’ IT skills and were so quick to get more technology into their homes. 

  • I personally have become a more explicit and clear teacher. The PDMs and having to teach online called for a direct, clear and explicit way of teaching. I have carried these tips over into my classroom practice.