St Joseph's

Catholic Primary School

'Go shine in the world.'

Pupil voice

What our pupils tell us about their experience of school


  • My favourite part of the day is my phonics lesson. Miss helps me get better every day!
  • I love phonics because Miss uses Fred the Frog. You use your Fred fingers and then you get really good at reading and writing.
  • Story time is so much fun. I like the voices that the teacher puts on for the different characters. 
  • You should come to our school because it is amazing and you learn about so many different things. The visits we go on are so exciting and we meet scientists from the Crick Institute.
  • Our class libraries have loads of different books. We have lots of non-fiction books,  poetry books and books by lots of different authors.
  • The teachers here are so helpful. They help us improve in our subjects and are really kind.
  • My teacher is so enthusiastic and he takes us on exciting visits. 
  • My favourite sport is PE because every half term a new sport is introduced and we play lots of different  games that make us really good at sport.
  • The visits and visitors are my favourite thing about school- I learn so much from them. I can't wait to go the theatre this year!