St Joseph's

Catholic Primary School

'Go shine in the world.'

Pupil voice

What our pupils tell us about their experience of school


  • My favourite part was when my teacher would read us a story at the end of the day. I always looked forward to this bit!
  • The best thing was seeing all of my classmates on Zoom. It made it feel a bit more normal and like we were still at school.
  • When doing extended writing, I enjoyed typing my work. My typing skills improved lots during this time. Miss also taught us lots of tricky maths and I understood it – she explained it really well and didn’t lose patience at all!
  • I enjoyed the Maths lessons. I felt like I had lots of thinking time over Zoom.

  • My favourite lessons were when we did science experiments at home. One day, we had to try and grow our own potatoes. Mine worked and I still have it growing in water at home now!

  • Our timetable for the mornings didn’t change. I liked that I knew English would always be first, and then our Maths lesson. It felt the same every day and that was good for me.

  • I thought it was really good that we still did loads of learning, even though we weren’t actually at school.

  • Our teacher made sure that we stuck to the rules and were working hard all of the time. We couldn’t be silly and definitely no going to the toilet during lessons!

  • I liked it when my mummy helped me with my work. She sat with me when I did my learning.

  • I really liked it when my teacher checked my work as I completed it on Google Classroom. She could see the questions that I was stuck on and helped me straightaway. It was a bit like how Miss checks my work in class normally.

  • I noticed that I was really able to improve my typing. There were no distractions at home so I was able to focus really well. I preferred the remote learning this time round as I actually got to learn and had proper lessons with my teacher and classmates. I still remember the learning we did together.

  • We had lots of time to practice our handwriting and to make sure we were being neat. When we finished, our teacher would get us to hold our work on our chests so that she could check what we had done.

  • It was really fun when I saw my friends on Zoom. I could concentrate well at home too! I liked the breaks when I could see my baby brother.