St Joseph's

Catholic Primary School

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Parent voice

Parent Questionnaire February 2023

  • I would like to thank you and the teaching and supporting staff at St Joseph's for making this year's home-schooling more interactive while keeping the standard high. 
  • I hope that this email finds you well. A brief note to compliment you and Ms. * on how well the zoom learning is going. Ms. * is amazing and so well organized . The children feel engaged and focused. What an inspiring class!

    Thank you so much for the ongoing support and for all the help advertised on text messages. I feel that this time everyone should be able to be on the same page without struggling!

  • My computer is in the same room as * so I overhear a lot of your lessons.  I must say how impressed I am at the quality of your teaching.  Your are introducing interesting concepts and ideas and engage with the children in a really positive way.  From what little I have heard they all seem to enjoy and benefit from your lead. Even your tangles with the ‘interweb’ are dealt with good humour (unlike some of mine) Wishing you a restful w/e as I suspect your work must be more exhausting than normal. With very best wishes

  • On a separate note just wanted to say a massive thank you to Miss * and Miss * for the extremely hard work they are doing running live sessions and keeping kids together. And also for all the support through home schooling this is extremely helpful. * enjoys the classes and is happy to join the sessions every day. Thank you also to all the school staff for hard work.

  • I am writing to you to give you a feedback performance of how Mr * is teaching year * Class. Mr. * is a good asset to your school Saint Joseph. He is an excellent teacher. I know how its difficult to teach children online, but Mr. *'s way of teaching is superb. The progression of my daughter … schooling  just based on my observation during this lockdown is a milestone, she doesn't need any supervision from us and she adapt so quickly the topic because Mr * is so impressive to discuss and demonstrate the subject. This is my first time to see my daughter of how she is enjoying the Zoom and she told us that she learned a lot and, I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you.