St Joseph's

Catholic Primary School

'Go shine in the world.'


The teaching of computing aims to prepare pupils for the ever changing digital world. We want our pupils to be enthusiastic, confident and safe users of technology, capable of harnessing its tremendous benefits and identifying its dangers. We teach our children to be informed and thoughtful digital citizens, capable of understanding how the digital world works, evaluating content and keeping safe while participating within.We believe that understanding the digital world is best achieved through creating digital content, not just passive consumption. Pupils are taught to use and apply a wide range of digital tools, giving them the skills to; organise, collect and evaluate data, create, design, edit, publish, and review.We teach pupils computer science. Working collaboratively, they learn to design algorithms, write, debug and improve code. Pupils are taught to apply increasingly complex programming constructs to independently solve problems. They write code for specific tasks, such as creating animations, quizzes, games and controlling robotics.Computing is taught both as a discrete lesson every week in every class and across the curriculum. Online safety is taught at the beginning of every term and is a part of every computing lesson. To enhance the teaching of computing, the school has invested in a number of educational online tools. All children can access these tools both at school and at home through their individual logins. The school also organises annual visits for each class to Camden CLC, a specialist technology centre.It is our aim that by the time the children leave our school they are confident, digitally literate, skilled and safe users of technology.