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School uniform


School uniform is compulsory at our school. All children must wear the school uniform, as agreed by parents in the Home-School Agreement when their child joins our school.

Wearing our school uniform helps children to feel a sense of identity and belonging to our school community.


All of the uniform items listed below are required.


Most school uniform items are available to buy from a company called Rough Cut Casuals. We have chosen Rough Cut Casuals as our school uniform provider because the items are of good quality and are reasonably priced. 


Some items of school uniform may be available second hand from the school office. Please pop in to the office to ask about second hand uniform.


School uniform which is available to buy through the Rough Cut Casuals website: 

  •  Green sweatshirt with school logo
  • Green cardigan with school logo
  • White short sleeve polo shirt with school logo
  • Green book bag with school logo
  • Green Backpack with school logo
  • Green gym bag with school logo
  • White PE T shirt with logo
  • Grey skirts and trousers
  • Girls’ school shoes


School uniform which is available from High Street Shops, e.g. John Lewis, Asda, Primark, M&S etc.

  •  Reception to Six - grey school trousers / grey school skirts or pinafore (Nursery wear black jogging bottoms and Reception can wear black jogging bottoms)
  • White, green or grey socks/green or grey tights
  • Plain black trainers or shoes suitable for learning and playing
  • Summer uniform – green checked dresses / grey school shorts
  • PE trousers (winter) Reception to Year Six - Black jogging bottoms
  • PE shorts (summer) Reception to Year Six - Black shorts


 Reversible bottle green fleece/waterproof


School Uniforms can be ordered online from Rough Cuts Casuals or you can visit the shop


Address of uniform shop –
London , N1


Rough Cuts Casuals – Website Link

Tel: 020 7837 7924


Uniform Shop Location